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  • Breakfast Meat

    Biggie Smalls Breakfast

    I know what you’re thinking: HOW DARE YOU, MARIE! How dare you leave us in period-induced hunger for the past calendar year?! I thought we wuz brovaries! My sisters, I apologize…

  • Featured Mexican Vegetarian

    Lil ‘Tato Tacos

    Now, I love a taco, but my absolute favorite type includes potato and cheese inside of a crispy, crunchy shell. Whenever I go to a Mexican restaurant and see a potato…

  • News

    BloodFeast on Extra Crispy!

    Gracias to Extra Crispy and Jessica Wakeman who was nice enough to feature BloodFeast in an article about eating breakfast on your period! I talk about the origin of BF as…

  • Sweets

    Pineapple Chunk Shake

    My sisters, When it’s 90 degrees out and your tetas are sweating like crazy, Bloodfeastin’ may require a treat that is cool, sweet and easy. Just like ME. Today, we are going to…

  • News

    It’s a Brand New World

    Welcome to, the reincarnation of my Hairpin period-foods column in which sinful, cheesy carbs and the like shall be exalted and enjoyed in celebration of our monthly bloodshed. Bloodfeast was first…