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  • Sweets

    Pineapple Chunk Shake

    My sisters, When it’s 90 degrees out and your tetas are sweating like crazy, Bloodfeastin’ may require a treat that is cool, sweet and easy. Just like ME. Today, we are going to…

  • Quick Fixes Sweets

    Bachelorette Mug Cake

    Greetings, my sweet Menses Maidens. My horngriness usually calls for snacks of the salt and the savory varieties, but today I have put on my baking mask (a.k.a. a hockey mask…

  • Sweets

    Bloodfeast Blondies

    Gather ‘round, my Bleeding Beauties. For the first time here on Bloodfeast, we’re making a dessert! Yes, this B has finally made you something SWEET. I know you’re probably like, “Boo,…